It’s Halloween! Do You Know Where Your Electricity-Sucking Vampires Are!?

So you think you’ve dealt with any vampires and phantoms that might be haunting your home this Halloween? Not so fast, goblins – if you’re like most of us here at the Snake River Alliance Clean Energy Ghost-Busters headquarters, you may still have a bundle of these spooks living in every nook and cranny in […]

Making a Difference: How Idahoans Can Work Toward a Clean Energy Future

Energy Update | Oct. 7

The Snake River Alliance has posted for free download the third edition of its Idaho Energy Guide, designed to help you engage in important energy planning and decisions that directly affect your power bills and where your electricity comes from. In the utility world, the PUC has set a Nov. 13 hearing in Idaho Power’s […]

Idaho Energy Update | Sep. 30

The NW Energy Coalition, one of the Snake River Alliance’s most treasured partners in advocating for clean and affordable energy in our region, just named our longtime friend Nancy Hirsh as its new Executive Director. Nancy has been a wonderful mentor to Idaho Energy Update and all Idaho clean energy advocates. Meanwhile, the Bureau of […]

On September 21, 2014, people all over the world demanded governments take concerted action to stop climate change.

Idaho Has Much at Stake in EPA Coal Plant Rule

It is by almost any measure one of the most complex, controversial, and far-reaching environmental regulations ever, and Idaho has much at stake in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal-fired power plants. The fact that there are no utility-scale coal plants in Idaho does not let […]

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