Small Reactors…Big Concerns – Beatrice Brailsford

Nuclear power development has stalled in the US, but not because the nuclear industry and the Department of Energy haven’t been willing to throw buckets of taxpayer money at it. One effort focuses on small modular reactors (SMRs). SMRs will not be built without ongoing government support. Today, the largest commercial US nuclear reactors have […]

Raft River Geothermal Plant (640 by 360)

New Geothermal Plant Planned Near Raft River Plant – Ken Miller

A $150 million geothermal energy plant is being planned near Malta and Idaho’s only utility-scale geothermal facility, the Twin Falls Times News is reporting. The newspaper said the firm Aguacaliente has drilled successful production wells at the site near Boise-based U.S. Geothermal’s Raft River power plant in southeast Idaho. According to the Times News, Aguacaliente […]


No Water No Energy – Robin Leonard, Snake River Alliance Intern

This Earth Day you can learn about one of the most important issues of our time – unsustainable water demand – and what you can do about it. Many Idahoans have come to realize that it takes millions of gallons of fresh water to produce electricity and that Idaho gets roughly 40 percent of our […]

Open Door at the Alliance

Come in, we’re open! – Jonnathan Wight

As the outreach associate for the Snake River Alliance, I get neat opportunities to attend webinars and workshops (like the one I attended earlier this month for Idaho Gives coming up on May 1) to learn more about member engagement, reaching supporters through social media, etc. One thing mentioned in almost every class is that […]

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