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Idaho has already said NO . . . But those who want to import commercial nuclear waste need to hear it again In January, we learned that Idaho’s…

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Q: Why worry about commercial spent fuel? A: 23.8 billion curies…and counting We’re sometimes asked why we oppose the importation of commercial spent fuel – and why the…

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Art Exhibition Comes to Boise in July

Holding What Can't Be Held

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) was established in 1949 and covers 890 square miles of eastern Idaho’s high desert plain, one of the most beautiful parts of our…

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Idaho Power’s 2015 IRP Nears Completion

North Valmy, Nevada

Thanks to the hard work by our clean energy community and a changing culture at the state’s largest power company, Idaho Power is writing a plan to retire…

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Pope Francis Calls on Humanity to Combat Climate Change

Pope Climate Change

When it comes to climate change, Pope Francis cuts right to the chase. “If the current trend continues, this century could see unheard-of climate change and an unprecedented…

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The Alliance Challenges the Growing U.S. Nuclear Threat

weapons v cleanup chart

The Snake River Alliance recently returned from its 27th annual “DC Days” with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA), a national network of organizations working to address issues…

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