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There’s Still Cleanup Work To Be Done – Beatrice Brailsford

The Idaho National Laboratory was put on the Superfund list of the country’s most contaminated places in 1989. Ever since, the general assumption – with some very focused, important exceptions – is that all of INL will be clean enough that people will be able to build houses and live there by 2095. The Department […]


Let’s Sizzle – $35 to Mark 35 Years – Leigh Ford & Jonnathan Wight

Can you believe it’s been 35 years since the creation of the Snake River Alliance? On that fateful day in Boise’s Julia Davis Park, a few conscientious folks decided injecting nuclear waste into the Snake River Aquifer had to be stopped. In the shadow of the Three Mile Island disaster, these founders knew something had […]


Energy & Nuclear Meetings on Tap – Ken Miller

It may be the dog days of summer, but there are still a few energy and nuclear get-togethers of some interest coming up. Leadership in Nuclear Energy Commission – Monday, July 28 Gov. Butch Otter’s LINE Commission will meet Monday, July 28, in Idaho Falls. The LINE Commission, made up almost entirely of pro-nuclear stakeholders […]


Litharacnium Public Sculpture – Margo & Dennis Proksa (artists) & Bruce Poe (architect)

The Litharacnium is more than just a beautiful radially symmetrical natural form. The Litharacnium is a microscopic 0.5mm, single-celled aquatic animal, or zooplankton, that was identified, labeled and illustrated by the scientist Ernst Haeckel in the mid-1800s. We used Haeckel’s drawing to create a sculpture 11 ½ feet in diameter cut from ½-inch steel plate. […]

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