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Building A Clean Energy Legacy


This year, the Alliance Boise office found a new home. When we started planning for the move last spring, we knew our new space would require us to find a different way to store the decades of documents accumulated while serving as Idaho’s nuclear watchdog.  These included fact sheets that bolstered our successes protecting Idaho from nuclear bomb plants and nuclear waste and contamination as well as reports, newspaper articles, correspondence and of course government documents. Lots and lots of government documents.

This presented a challenge for the organization that gets to the heart of what it means to build a legacy. These documents are our history, they are our members’ history, and they are an important part of Idaho history. But carrying around boxes and file cabinets of our history from office to office is not an effective or practical way of preserving that history or making it accessible. After organizing our materials as much as possible, we reached out to the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Albertson’s Library at Boise State University to see if it was interested in preserving our history and thus an important part of our legacy. It is! The Library’s archivist helped us sort our materials, and thoughtfully integrated our nearly 30 boxes into a collection to complement the Cecil Andrus Collection. Once our archives are cataloged, students, researchers and the public can search our materials and bring them into conversation with other historical documents focused on environmental and peace issues in Idaho. You can access information about the Snake River Alliance collection at

Of course, our archive is living, because the work of the Alliance is ongoing. This year the Alliance has engaged in focused work to create a clean energy legacy. In our nuclear program we continue to help protect future generations by supporting cleanup efforts above the Snake River Aquifer and standing guard against any new efforts to allow commercial radioactive waste into our state. Our “Choose Efficiency, Lose the Coal Campaign,” which included the release of our “Kicking Idaho’s Coal Habit” report, created controversy this year when we were removed from Idaho Power’s Integrated Resource Plan Advisory Council. This controversy helped the Alliance shine a bright light on Idaho’s unhealthy reliance on imported coal-fired energy, an electricity source that leaves a devastating legacy of public health and irreversible environmental harm.  Not only is coal a dirty and dangerous energy resource, it is the main obstacle to a clean energy future in Idaho built on more energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy.

As 2012 comes to a close, we are happy to stand with our members and supporters to say that your ongoing support matters because the decades of work we have done together matters. When you give to the Alliance you support the past, present and future legacy of the Snake River Alliance and, in turn, a cleaner and safer energy future in Idaho.

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