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Board of Directors


Overview of Board of Director Responsibilities

Board members are volunteers that have legal responsibility for governing the SRA.  Board members are responsible for determining policy in all areas of the organization and ensuring that its policies are effectively implemented. The Board especially focuses on

  • Fundraising and resource development
  • Strategic planning
  • Personnel (the board hires, evaluates and may dismiss the Executive Director)
  • Financial management
  • Program planning and oversight


Board members are expected to:
  • Be a member of the Snake River Alliance
  • Understand and support SRA’s mission and goals
  • Be willing to represent the organization to the public
  • Evaluate the performance of the Executive Director and ensure that the ED adheres to accepted ethical and professional standards
  • Attend meetings of the Board including retreats and committee meetings
  • Review meeting materials in advance of any meeting and be prepared to think about and discuss agenda items
  • Participate in planning for the future and evaluate previous work
  • Declare any conflict of interest, whether real or with the potential to be perceived as such
  • Assist in developing the annual budget and effectively manage SRA’s resources to remain accountable to donors, grantees, the public and the government
  • Have fun and learn new things.


Time Required
  • Attendance at all Board meetings in person or by conference call (up to 12 times a year, one to two hours per meeting)
  • Preparation for meetings, committee assignments, e-mail, phone calls (two to four hours a month)
  • Attendance at the twice a year Board Face to Face Meetings (may be a weekend commitment)
  • Officers of the Board will make an increased time commitment


Length of Commitment

Each Board term is two years and members may be re-elected upon expiration.

Financial Commitment

Each Board member is asked to financially support the SRA by making an annual financial contribution or by soliciting contributions from other people.

Benefits of Board Service
  • Working with great people who are committed to social and environmental justice work in Idaho
  • Learning about important local, national and global issues
  •  Learning how citizens can influence public policy
  • Development of personal and professional skills

For more information or a board member application, please contact Beth Jacob –

Tim Andreae | Boise

Vice President Tim has been a proponent of the SRA for many years, though his engagement with nuclear, energy and climate issues has deepened since Joanna Macy’s recent collaboration with SRA and his subsequent immersion in her work. Having worked at Peaceful Belly Farm for seven years and having been a member of the Treasure Valley Food Coalition, he is also a long time advocate for local food. He is a yoga teacher, a musician and the host of a radio show on Boise Community Radio. He also recently completed a Masters program in clinical mental health counseling. Positioned at the intersection of numerous disciplines and groups, he keeps an eye out for new ways to enliven community around issues that matter.

Kerry Cooke | Boise

Kerry was raised in Nevada and has lived in Idaho since 1979.  She joined the Alliance in the early 80′s and soon became a volunteer, and then staff.  She worked in many capacities for the Alliance, from issues coordinator to executive director.  “I got active in the Alliance out of concern for Idaho’s air and water, and that hasn’t changed.  Being a part of the Alliance’s work is the best thing I can do for Idaho’s future.”  Kerry is now a content manager for a Boise based health information company.

Steve Crowley | Boise

Steve grew up in Adelaide South Australia (the driest state on the driest continent on earth) as a result he’s been very aware of both beer and the environment for most of his life. Steve moved to Idaho in the fall of 2006 to work at Boise State University and joined the Snake River Alliance in early 2009 and is one of our most dedicated volunteers.


Jasmine Furnish | Ketchum

Jasmine is a health professional with over ten years of field, laboratory and clinical research experience. Her research philosophy is to examine the intersection of theory and practice, engage health professionals and the communes they serve in meaningful, productive dialogue and develop best-practice models in order to promote health as a human right. Jasmine holds a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley’s Division of Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology. Her interest in infectious diseases was born out of her passion for international travel, however, her current adventure involves raising a small human. An Idaho native, Jasmine loves mountains, deserts and rivers so when she’s not crunching data she can probably be found outside. She has been a member of the Snake River Alliance since returning to Idaho this past summer.

Beth Jacob | Boise 

President Beth has been an active member of the Snake River Alliance since 2011 helping with membership dinners, mailings and other Alliance needs. Beth has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy from Penn State University and works with children and adults with neurological rehabilitation needs. She served on the board of directors for the nonprofit West Virginia Lymphedema Network for three years. Beth has been active kayaker for most of her life where she developed a direct understanding of both the positive and negative impacts we can have on the planet.  She has a long history of supporting local and national clean water, energy and conservation groups in the areas she has lived.

Molly Kukachka | Boise

Secretary.  Molly was raised in Soda Springs and graduated from the College of Idaho with a degree in Environmental Studies.  She has enjoyed exposure to other cultures, teaching English in Russia and Taiwan. After being a field counselor in wilderness therapy, she returned to Boise where she is currently working with juvenile offenders and beginning her MA in social work this fall.

Lou Landry | Garden City

Lou previously served a term as President.   Lou has a Masters Degree in Management from the University of San Francisco and has directed several non-profit organizations as well as working as an administrator in state government programs serving individuals with disabilities.  He advocates for nuclear free armaments and clean energy.  He lives in a home he built in Garden City that incorporates a variety of energy conserving and sustainable features, including passive solar heating.

Brent Marchbanks | Boise

Brent is a founding member of the Alliance and a past board member. He has just retired from work as a public interest lawyer. He is the former director of Disability Rights of Idaho. He has concerns about nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Liz Paul | Boise

Liz got a start in environmental activism as a college student at the University of California. She has a BA in Environmental Studies. Liz served as Executive Director of the Snake River Alliance from 1987-1990, where she coordinated successful campaigns to stop nuclear weapons production in Idaho. Liz worked at Idaho Rivers United from 1992-2000. In 2001 Liz helped found the Idaho Peace Coalition to promote peace and justice. Liz rejoined the Idaho Rivers United staff in 2005.


Vicki Watson, LCSW | Pocatello

Vicki recently retired from her private psychotherapy practice in Pocatello. She has her Masters Degree in Social Work from West Virginia University where she focused on community action and development. In West Virginia, she helped develop and administer Head Start and Early Childhood Programs funded through that state. Since moving west 35 years ago, she has been supportive of environmental causes including the Snake River Alliance and Idaho Conservation League and is looking forward to spending more of her time with environmental issues in Idaho embraces retirement.

Liz Woodruff, Public Interest Work | Boise

Liz is a Boise native. She worked for the Snake River Alliance from 2008-2014, and served as the executive director from 2011-2014. She was the organizer opposing Alternate Energy Holdings Inc–the now fugitive nuclear developer, and the Areva uranium enrichment project. She was also a new ED of SRA in March of 2011–when Fukushima melted down. She received a BA from Whitman College and earned an MA from Rutgers University. Liz has a broad range of public policy experience working with cities, counties, utilities, regulators and the Idaho Legislature. She currently works in health care, education and fiscal policy.