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Board of Directors Election

The Snake River Alliance members decide who will guide Alliance policy. You must be a current Alliance member to vote. You may renew your membership or join prior to voting by clicking (HERE) or calling 208.344.9161. Board members serve two-year terms. See below ballot box for nominee bios.

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 — 2014 Board of Directors Nominees —

Steve Crowley (Boise) Steve grew up in Adelaide South Australia (the driest state on the driest continent on earth) as a result he’s been very aware of both beer and the environment for most of his life. Steve moved to Idaho in the fall of 2006 to work at Boise State University and joined the Snake River Alliance in early 2009. Since then Steve has appeared in a variety of SRA events – playing an ear of corn, the legs of a dove and a random executive…. It is clearly time for the SRA to make use of his ‘talents’ in a behind the scenes role.

Jasmine Furnish  (Ketchum) Jasmine is a health professional with over ten years of field, laboratory and clinical research experience. Her research philosophy is to examine the intersection of theory and practice, engage health professionals and the communes they serve in meaningful, productive dialogue and develop best-practice models in order to promote health as a human right. Jasmine holds a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley’s Division of Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology. Her interest in infectious diseases was born out of her passion for international travel, however, her current adventure involves raising a small human. An Idaho native, Jasmine loves mountains, deserts and rivers so when she’s not crunching data she can probably be found outside. She has been a member of the Snake River Alliance since returning to Idaho this past summer.

Molly Kukachka (Boise) Molly is new to the Snake River Alliance.  She was raised in Soda Springs and graduated from the College of Idaho with a degree in Environmental Studies.  She has enjoyed exposure to other cultures, teaching English in Russia and Taiwan. After being a field counselor in wilderness therapy, she returned to Boise where she is currently working with juvenile offenders and beginning her MA in social work this fall.

Brent Marchbanks (Boise) Brent is a founding member of the Alliance and a past board member. He has just retired from work as a public interest lawyer. He is the former director of Disability Rights of Idaho. He has concerns about nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Liz Paul (Boise) Liz got a start in environmental activism as a college student at the University of California. She has a BA in Environmental Studies. Liz served as Executive Director of the Snake River Alliance from 1987-1990, where she coordinated successful campaigns to stop nuclear weapons production in Idaho. Liz worked at Idaho Rivers United from 1992-2000. In 2001 Liz helped found the Idaho Peace Coalition to promote peace and justice. Liz rejoined the Idaho Rivers United staff in 2005.

Kate Thorpe (Boise) Kate graduated from Hartwick College in upstate New York with a B.A. in Business Administration and English Literature She currently is studying at Boise State for her Masters in Public Policy with an emphasis in environmental and natural resource policy and researches regional electrical transmission planning for the Energy Policy Institute.